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The amount of fat a dew fresh side is exposed forehead fresh side ponytail, red floral embellishment small fresh summer, a fluffy curls side of the tail, show personality Rock Fan. Which tie you love fresh human hair weave style too small side ponytail style:? Small amount of fresh dew side ponytail bar made fresh simply a red floral embellishment fresh and sweet, endearing, and simple shapes, one minute to get side ponytail tie hair. Step bar tie hair hair step: step1: first with the hair curly hair stick, to create the perfect curls effect. step2: the left fringe twisting from the top down, and then the hairpin fixed. step3: the side and then tied into a simple ponytail, tied floral, spray water on stereotypes, complete short human hair wigs tie. Side effects side effects. After long bangs simple refreshing twist, side ponytail sweet, pleasant, fresh and glamorous styling. The effect of the back of the back effect. Neck cool, chic and simple pony tail side, this small bar made fresh and you learn it? Here we teach children sides Rock Fan ponytail cheap human hair extensions tie. Rock Fan side ponytail style2: Rock Fan side ponytail brown fluffy and slightly messy hair, side ponytail handsome. Step bar tie hair cheap human hair wigs step: step1: The best human hair extensions tied into a side ponytail, his hands pulled into a fluffy head of full lace human hair wigs like. step2: pull out a bunch of hair tresses after wrapping with a hairpin fixed. step3: adjust the tail, spray water on stereotypes, complete hair tie. Side effects side effects. Very beautiful dark brown cheap human hair weave, messy texture and type. The effect of the back of the back effect. Tresses do with human hair lace front wigs ring, chic and suction eye.

Step1 spray mist do daily bottoming fluffy human hair wigs for white women care, or after shampooing, we at the root portion of the spray jet to Shanghai wind bottoming work, that the purpose is to increase the support force of hair. Step2 Shun comb hair dryer and then we have to avoid frizz, you need to first smooth hair comb and then use it to dial a dry hand. Step3 partition bottoming Next, we need to do is to send an amount based on how much of your own, and put your hair into three to five area in front of the ear, behind the ear is probably five to eight regions, and in each They are sprayed with hairspray were primed to work on the area. Step4 roll out within about cross our electric rods, then put it for about cross cheap human hair wigs treatment, hair is probably the volume to the hair on it. Step5 blow hair root expansion of this time, we also need to use a hair tool - bristle comb, as shown, we used to prop up the hair root comb bristles, pick up hair dryer, blow swelling of departure roots. Step6 dial loose human hair lace wigs put his hands deep into the hair does not set aside the hair loose process, this approach allows the volume of the hair more natural. Step7 again divided into four zones as shown, we use a small clip about the hair into four districts, that the purpose is to facilitate the work to the next setting. Step8 hands Cuochu lines cast in wax hands, as shown, from the bottom up Cuochu summarized each line. Look, beautiful hair looks Pompon loosely, feeling generous amount of human hair lace front wigs a lot, it really this method is very effective, ah, it is recommended that the amount of fat you rare beauty who may wish to try oh.

(September 30 morning, Changsha Golden Apple market, the area police station together with the business sector to joint on the name "Milan Square," the barber shop were seized. Figure / rolling news reporter Fang Yu) Net Changsha September 30 News (scroll news intern reporter LIU Shuang) today (September 30) morning, Changsha Golden Apple market belongs to the jurisdiction of the business sector together with the joint police station, on the name "Milan Square," the barber shop were seized, seized together , there's another hundred meters away from this barber wet and wavy human hair shop. When the September 28 afternoon, Hunan Agricultural University, female students Xiaoting (a pseudonym) and students passing near the Golden Apple market, the streets Showmanship is a barber shop clerk "invited" into a company called "Milan Square" barber shop "increase the popularity." I thought this into account, in order to come out is not an easy thing. He is forced to wash the hair after a minute, see the situation wrong they wanted to pay the 20 yuan left, was told 186 yuan per capita consumption has been. "You do not deceptive, how to wash the head of 186?" Before Xiaoting finish, more than a dozen big guy has a tattoo with her and another classmate tightly surrounded, a Vice "To ever after, leaving the shampoo money" posture. After the protest was also a self-proclaimed manager Xiaoting man hit. Industry and commerce department officials said the barber shop in the end involve mandatory spending, fraud, or civil or criminal disputes, it is not yet a conclusion, the need for further processing based on the findings.

If comb cheap human hair lace front wigs because of the ground, they clamored for a change "bald", and that too panic friends. Everyone on the scalp of about 100,000 hair follicles, each hair growing about 2--4 years after entering the stationary phase, after a few weeks they will naturally fall off. Off dozens of hairs per day is a normal physiological phenomenon, when the late summer, the rest period of the hair in a large proportion, which is more serious lace front wigs human hair fall out why. The normal death falling hair is often soft and thin, which means that they are "old". So in the end, what makes hair loss it? Please answer the following questions 1, after getting up every day to check the pillow, whether found in the top left a lot of hair? 2, combing their hair every day, whether found a lot of hair left on comb? 3, I often feel scalp oil, dandruff everywhere? 4, whether found in head of hair gradually thinning hairline or before the shift? 5, observe falling hair, keep the hair root is not a small white dot, rough up fine half wigs human hair, it looks like an exclamation point? 6, your relatives (such as parents, either father, grandfather, uncles, brothers) did not have hair loss problems? 7, mirror human lace front wigs one minute, count the number of falling full lace human hair wigs has no more than fifty? 8, it is not usually itchy scalp easily. 9, usually work pressure, often depressed mood, sleep well it? 10, it is not often perm? 11, usually is not because of busy work life department rules, often eat very casually? If more than half of the above questions you answered "yes", then you have suffered hair loss problems. Fast action, was added to the battle against human hair weave loss!